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Fall 2022 graduates are eligible to participate in Fall 2022 commencement ceremonies.

毕业典礼将于12月12日星期五举行. 16, 2022 at 2 p.m. (MT) in Stickney 五月堂礼堂.

When you finish the courses listed in your program of study, you are eligible to graduate 来自十大热门博彩首页. 毕业前必须完成以下步骤:

  • Meet with your advisor to check on the completion of your program of study.
  • You must resolve any “Incomplete” grades before the recording of your degree.
  • You must 申请毕业.
  • If you are planning to return to DSU for another program of study, you must complete a 持续报名表格. 不需要额外的申请费用.
  • 请参阅学术目录 毕业一般要求. We recommend you formally 申请毕业 two academic terms before you expect 完成毕业要求.
  • 申请的最后期限
    • 2023年春季- 2023年2月1日
    • 2023年夏季- 2023年2月1日
    • 2023年秋季- 2023年9月1日
  • After we process your application for graduation, we will email your graduation evaluation 到您的DSU电子邮件地址. 评估过程可能需要两到三周.
  • You are required by federal regulations to complete a financial aid exit interview before you graduate or terminate your enrollment if you've ever received a federal DSU的学生贷款. If you have received a Federal Stafford Loan or Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, this requirement must be completed online at http://mappingyourfuture.org/oslc.
  • 完成本科毕业考试. 联系DSU SOAR中心 701-483-2686 for exam times. These exams are required and must be completed prior to graduation from DSU.
  • Make arrangements to check out of your residence hall or apartment housing. Contact 住房和餐饮办公室在 701-483-2091.
  • Return the participation form that will be in the commencement packet that will be 电邮到你的dickinsonstate.教育邮箱地址. 这些包将在6天内通过电子邮件发送 在毕业典礼前几周.
  • Purchase your cap, gown, stole, and tassel from Balfour if you plan to participate 在毕业典礼上. 所有的王权物品都将被订购 online 徽标会寄给你. 截止日期为2022年11月21日. 你也可以要求毕业 通告和你的班级铃声 from Balfour.
  • Please make sure your permanent address and phone number are updated with the Office 学术记录中心位于五月厅111室.
  • To request accessibility accommodations for the commencement ceremony, contact us at 701-483-2535.
  • Keep in touch with other university alumni through the DSU Alumni Association at 701-483-2557 or dsu.alumni@dreamangel-nails.net.

291 Campus Drive
狄金森,ND 58601


There are a variety of hotel accommodations in the Dickinson area. The 迪金森会议和游客局 我能帮你选择住宿吗. 


You may not submit an 毕业申请 until you have met the minimum cumulative credit requirements below (includes in-progress credit):

  • 硕士学位:研究生16学时
  • 学士学位:80学时
  • 副学士学位:32学时
  • Certificate program: Any time during first semester at DSU


No. If you have questions about your application, please contact the Office of Academic 记录,在五月大厅,111室或 701-483-2536.

When will I know if my graduation application has been processed?

Once your graduation application has been processed, your graduation evaluation will 通过电子邮件发送到您的DSU电子邮件帐户. 评估过程可能需要两到三年的时间 weeks.

What if I need to change my graduation date to a later semester?

请与我们联络 701-483-2536. 不重新申请毕业.

Should I reapply if I want to change my major, add or subtract a major or degree, 或者加上或减去一个小调?

No. 请于 701-483-2536, and we will make the necessary adjustments to your application.


If you've applied for graduation, we'll send you Commencement participation information 十大热门博彩首页学期中段. If you graduated during the previous fall semester and did not participate in fall commencement ceremonies, we'll also send you participation information. You must complete and return the commencement participation form.

Do I need tickets or guest passes for the commencement ceremony?

不,任何数量的客人都欢迎. 所有座位都是一般的,先到先到, 谁涨基础.

Seating is available on the main level for guests who are disabled or need special accommodations.


If you plan to participate 在毕业典礼上, you can buy your cap, gown, 肩带和流苏来自鲍尔弗公司. Please visit Balfour online 订购你所有的王权.


The color of your gown depends on the degree you will be receiving.

  • Master’s degree: Black gown, black cap, silver sash, navy and silver tassel, hood 颜色取决于程度
  • Bachelor’s degree: Navy gown, navy cap, silver sash, navy and silver tassel
  • Associate degree: Navy gown, navy cap, navy sash, navy and silver tassel

All undergraduate candidates will wear the tassel on the right side of the cap until 指示将流苏移到左边.


参见十大热门博彩首页 毕业典礼着装指南 for suggestions on what you should wear under your gown to the commencement ceremony.


We will mail your diploma to you three to four weeks after the academic session in which you’ve completed your graduation requirements closes. 你的毕业证书将被邮寄 to the address on your 毕业申请 form.

What are the requirements for "graduating with honors?”

You will receive a gold honor cord before the commencement ceremony if you have achieved 累计平均绩点3分.50 or higher. 累计获得副学士学位的学生 GPA of 3.50 or higher will earn distinction and wear a gold tassel.



My name is spelled incorrectly in the student record system. 我该怎么办??

完成官方 Name Change Form. 按照表格上的描述提供适当的文件.


是的,你可以订购额外的毕业证复印件. 我们将提供第一份副本 免费领取你的毕业证. 额外复印需要25美元的费用. To order, 请填写 文凭订购表格.

Do I need to reapply for admission if I want to earn another certificate or degree at DSU?

If you are planning to return to DSU for another program of study, you must complete a 持续报名表格. 不需要额外的申请费用.


No. If you wish to receive an official transcript, you may order transcripts at www.parchment.com. Please note on the request that you would like to have your transcript sent out 在你的学位发布之后.